Power Staff Healthcare is an industry leader in the recruitment, training, and staffing of healthcare professionals.

No one cares more for caregivers then Power Staff Healthcare.

Power Staff Healthcare is an Arizona-based and operated full-service medical staffing and recruitment company that focuses on the staffing and recruitment of exceptional professionals in the healthcare industry. Providing our clients and talented individuals in the medical field with first-class service is our mission. With Power Staff’s strength, employees and employers will successfully achieve their goals.

Power Staff Healthcare was formed in an effort to empower employees through placement with clients. Putting the needs of the client and external employees in front of greed is paramount to our success and fundamental beliefs. We are growing everyday and will stop at nothing to succeed – for our clients and employees.

Why Power Staff Healthcare?

Power Recruitment

After identifying what type of medical professional our clients need, Power Staff will implement its power recruiting. This is an aggressive form of recruiting which identifies the needs and requirements of the client and develops a pipeline of candidates exactly for those needs. With the experience of our CEO, we have developed this form of recruiting and it is second to none. The tools we use are job boards, resume mining, our own incentive driven referral platform for our own candidates to take advantage of and most importantly, word of mouth. It is the ultimate compliment if our employees or clients tell candidates about Power Staff!

Power Staffing

Based on the excellent candidates our Recruiters provide to our Staffing Coordinators, our Staffing Coordinators reach out to our staff and get their availability – but also, ensure these employees understand the expectations of working with Power Staff Healthcare. We send our clients profiles of our candidates’ files for approval based on their needs. Once the client approves our candidates, we will submit them to the openings of our clients. Power Staff Healthcare expects employees to arrive fully prepared and on time. Our Staffing Coordinators are available 24/7/365.

Power Staff Value

The value of doing business with Power Staff Healthcare will be extraordinary. We have gauged the current market and are looking at two factors, which will help our clients be healthy and strong organizations through quality and savings. Our rates are based on the market norms and at the best value to our clients.

What now?

Focus on your patients. We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us now to find your next successful team member.

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